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musicfy alternative

musicfy alternative Create your own AI covers and explore covers of your favourite songs using our intuitive platform. With a library of pre-trained models at your disposal, you can generate AI covers of your favorite tunes in mere seconds.

musicfy alternative
musicfy alternative

Sound Raw

SOUNDRAW is a creative composition tool for creators. You can create songs that perfectly match your content in minutes, with no music composition knowledge. Don’t search for the song you are looking for, create it! AI-generated royalty-free music.

You can choose the mood, genre, and length. Our AI will create beautiful songs for your music. You can make an intro shorter or move the chorus. Match the song to the video, not vice versa. Are you tired of Youtube copyright strikes You don’t have to worry about our music.


Boomy is powered by music automation technology-powered artificial intelligence. You can create and save original songs in just seconds with Boomy. You can also create Releases, distribute them to all the major streaming services, and digital music retailers worldwide, earn a share in royalties, and have your songs played on networks such as Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok. Tap “Create” and then select “Song” from the menu. Next, select a Style and any customizations, then tap “Create Song.”

Boomy will generate endless song options that you can save, modify, or reject. Boomy uses AI-powered algorithms that imitate musical styles. Styles aren’t meant to be exact copies of a particular genre. Instead, they are influenced by elements of that genre. You can try different styles to find what you like.


MusicLM is an experimental AI tool that can convert your text descriptions into musical compositions. MusicLM will create the two versions of a song based on a prompt such as “Soulful Jazz for a Dinner Party”. You can listen to them both and award a trophy to whichever track you prefer. This will help improve the model. We believe responsible innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. We’ve worked with musicians such as Dan Deacon and hosted workshops to see how technology can empower creative processes. MusicLM can help you express creativity, whether you’re a professional or just starting.


MusicStar.AI Are you an artist in search of inspiration? Or are you a fan who wants to know how it feels to be a superstar? MusicStar.AI is designed for anyone, regardless of musical talent, who wants to make professional-sounding music.

MusicStar.AI gives you the tools you need to create music that sounds like your favorite artists, whether you are a professional music producer working on your next big hit or a music enthusiast who wants to make music like their favorite artist.


Amper AI allows you to create the right sound, tell a story, and drive emotion. Choose a genre and a length and the AI will create your music. Then, edit and tweak it until it’s perfect. You can download it for your project. Stock libraries don’t offer the same level of control as you can get with tracks. Tracks can automatically adapt to your content. Any song can be edited to fit your content. You can create your sonic palette.

You can also shape the emotion and keep the vibe. You can concentrate on the creative with headache-free pricing and usage. It doesn’t matter if your content goes viral. You don’t need to worry about who your audience is. You can differentiate your content by using a unique sound. Your creative vision can be extended to the music.

Don’t worry about the license when the campaign goes international. Create a sound that matches your voice. You can tweak the music to make it a perfect match for your spoken audio. Avoid the complexities of broadcast right clearance.


This app creates original songs using Melobytes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It is based on your lyrics (example lyrics). Melobytes is a tool that helps artists, YouTubers, musicians, and anyone else who feels inspired to create original content, find new ideas, and get inspiration. Each app produces unique results so what you get is yours. Unlimited access to all current applications for one week. High priority, uncropped audio & video. App execution history, app execution cancellation, and background app execution. Quick feedback on app results.


Want to make unmatched cover songs? MusicAI is an AI singing generator that allows you to create music cover songs in a seamless, intuitive way. MusicAI’s advanced algorithms and a large collection of voice models allow users to access different styles and genres, bringing their favorite songs to life in a unique way.

AI technology transforms any song by song covering, text-to-song conversion, AI composition, and music enhancement. This takes your musical journey to a new level. It allows musicians, producers, and songwriters, to quickly create covers of their favorite songs and experiment with different styles and genres. YouTubers and Podcasters can use the AI cover song creator to create background music, intro/outro tracks, or other audio for their videos or podcasts.


Soundful Use the power of AI to create royalty-free background music for your videos, streams, and podcasts with just a click. Stop worrying about copyright issues and start finding royalty-free tracks that perfectly match your content. Stop paying too much for your music.

Soundful is an affordable way for you to get high-quality, studio-quality music that’s tailored to your brand’s needs. Never be stuck creatively again. You can create unique tracks with just a click. Once you have found a track that you like, you can render it high-res and download the stems.


BandLab In seconds, you can create free access music. Start your music composition journey with original and non-copyright-related musical ideas. Move beyond the routine and embrace the skeleton. Find a song that inspires you and then experiment in the studio. You can choose from three different compositions, or you can keep rolling the dice to get endless inspiration ideas.

You can choose between night, dawn, or night environments to alter instruments and special effects. Save your favorite idea and open the MIDI in our studio. You can keep it. So, have fun with it! Discover the many creative ways that the BandLab community uses SongStarter.

You can access your projects and join the community from anywhere. BandLab works seamlessly wherever you are and on any platform. Our fully functional DAW is always at your fingertips, so you can be ready for inspiration whenever it strikes. With unlimited multitrack projects and cloud storage, there are no boundaries to your creativity.

Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code Three apps based on hit songs can reimagine the process of music production. Track-making is a memorable and memorable catchy top line that can determine everything. These problems are solved by Amadeus Code Cloud, which has three apps. First, a multitrack app that doesn’t want to choose an app that reproduces each instrument using its app. This app can be used for songs that have a sound color.

We offer both old and new songs, AI’s top-line melody suggestions, audio and MIDI library that accelerate non-inspirational song-making, and a single subscription. All audio, MIDI files, presets, and new audio are available at no additional charge.

An audio loop that includes live instruments to assist with non-inspirational song-making, a quick sample of rhythms, sound effects, and the MIDI Library. A mix of old and new hit song chord progressions and AI’s direct introductions to trends suggest a top-line melody unlike any other.

Lyrical Labs

Lyrical Labs Our AI-powered lyrics will revolutionize your songwriting. With an endless supply of new ideas, there is boundless songwriting inspiration. The AI can write on any topic and in any style, regardless of genre or artist. To create the perfect lyrics, collaborate with our AI songwriting partner.

Once you have the lyrics, you can give feedback to the AI and help bring your musical vision to fruition. The platform also includes an integrated smart dictionary that allows you to find related words and helps you complete your lyrics. You can create your song in any language you choose, with over 100+ languages available!

My Lyrics Maker

This AI lyrics generator will help you quickly create your lyrics. The generated lyrics can rhyme and conform to a variety of syllables. All files are encrypted and kept private. Signup and login are not required. Enter a topic to generate lyric suggestions. You can generate lyrics based on a mood, genre, or other criteria. You can customize the lyrics to make them unique. This AI lyrics generator will help you quickly create lyrics and poetry.

You can either enter a topic or choose a mood. You can generate lyrics suggestions and then modify the lyrics to your liking. The generated lyrics can rhyme and conform to many syllables. All files are stored on your device and are private and secure. Get 1 day of access to all features for free. After the free time expires you can purchase an additional 30 days to unlock the export and save features. SAM is an AI music and lyric generator. It has been trained with hit songs and makes it fast, easy, and fun to create songs.


AIVA is an artificial intelligence that creates emotional soundtrack music. AIVA supports you in your creative process, whether you’re a professional composer or an independent game developer. AI-generated music makes it easier than ever to create compelling themes for your projects. You can use our preset algorithms for music composition in pre-defined styles. To make an original score with the same emotional impact as an existing score, upload your MIDI file to help AIVA compose it.

You like the track you created with AIVA. Do you want to use it in your commercial activity? No problem. You own the entire copyright to any composition created using AIVA by subscribing to our Pro Plan. This subscription is recommended to content creators who wish to monetize compositions on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

FAST Bundle

A set of AI-driven tools that will make your music-making process more efficient than ever. Save with the FAST Bundle which includes FAST Equaliser and FAST Compressor, as well as FAST Reveal and FAST Verb. These AI-driven plug-ins will help you discover your unique sound. Do you need to add depth to your song? FAST Verb’s AI will add depth to your songs with the right amount of reverb. It will also place your instruments in a natural or unworldly setting.

Are you ever stuck where sounds should be placed in your mix? FAST Equaliser automatically adjusts the EQ curve to make sure you sound your best. Do you spend too much time tweaking the compressor? FAST Compressor dials in the best settings to ensure you stay in the zone.

Are you having trouble balancing competing sounds FAST Reveal gives you the clarity and control you need to make your mixes shine. Your tracks are ready to stream on Spotify or Apple Music. The plugin can learn the best parameters for your sound by using the various profiles.

AI Music Pro

You can create music based on a mood, tempo, or other criteria. Start with a chord progression to generate melodies. You can modify the music to make it yours. The AI can generate melodies or harmonies.

After that, you can refine the melodies with a vocal topline. The music generated is based on popular songs. Export as an audio file or multitrack MIDI, or as chord notation. All files are encrypted and kept private. Signup and login are not required. AI Music Pro is an AI music creator that generates melody and harmony ideas for professional songwriters.

The AI can generate melodies or harmonies. You can then refine the melodies with a vocal topline. The music generated is based on popular songs. You can choose a mood, tempo, or chord progression. You can modify the melodies or harmonies to make them unique. Export as an audio file or multitrack MIDI. Or, you can export the chord notation. All files are encrypted and saved on your device privately and securely.

Sound Sculpt

Sound Sculpt Custom AI Music Creator – Royalty-free, AI-generated music with a human touch Artistic Our AI music technology allows real-life music producers and composers to create songs that are flexible, modifiable, and reusable. Unique You can modify each song in thousands of different ways. Your customized song will be unique.

Safe You don’t need to worry about copyright claims and takedowns with custom-made songs. Personalize Our technology allows you to modify and customize each song instantly, unlike other AI song generators. Free Song creators can get songs for free if they include the link back You can customize the Tempo, Key, and Scale of any song.

Suno AI

Suno is creating a future in which anyone can create great music. We remove the barriers that stand between you and your dream song, whether you are a shower singer or charting artist. You don’t need an instrument, just your imagination to turn your thoughts into music. If you’re a free user then you can use your songs only for non-commercial purposes, so monetization will not be allowed. If you want to use your songs for commercial purposes, you will need to subscribe to our paid plans.

Commercial use is any use that generates income. This includes monetization of sites like YouTube, and uploading music to streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. If you’re a Suno subscriber, you own all the songs that you create. You retain ownership of all original content that you create and input to Suno, regardless of the version you use. You can also re-record any new music or lyrics generated by Suno.


Loudly Loudly‘s AI music generator creates AI-generated tracks in seconds. Simply build your formula, generate songs, and save and download your AI songs. Loudly streamlines the process of creating, customizing, and exploring music for your videos.

With its advanced AI solutions, you can also effortlessly discover the perfect music for your videos, get music recommendations based on text descriptions, or customize existing tracks to better align with your video content. They offer a free subscription, allowing you to experience its capabilities firsthand with up to 3 downloads.

Infinite Album

The AI-powered, copyright-safe, game-responsive, and viewer-interactive music platform for live stream gamers. Gamers who livestream can use adaptive AI music. Artificial intelligence is used to create music. As you play, music adapts to your game. On Twitch, viewers can spend bits or channel points to change the genre, emotion, or instruments or add sound effects. Beta testers receive lifetime access to Infinite Album for free.

You can create endless streams of game-reactive and copyright-safe music for your Twitch livestreams. Holiday-themed sound effects Zero-bit (free!) musical interactions. A new pipeline to deliver content to you without the need to download. We are looking for Twitch gamers to be our beta testers. Infinite Album can be used to play music on any stream. However, it will only react to your gameplay if you are playing a supported game.

ecrett musicecrett music

The intuitive interface makes it easy to learn everything about music. You can use ecret music to create games, monetized videos, and podcasts, as well as ads. No more looking at the terms of service. Choose at least one from the following: scene, mood, or genre. Once you are done, click “Create music”. ecret AI will generate music based on your selections. Even in the same setting, you will receive different music each time. You don’t know much about music? No worries! With just a few clicks, you can modify instruments and structures.

You can change the instruments of melody, backing, bass, and drum. You can customize the structure by switching each block on/off. You can manage your music by clicking the tabs at the top right.

Please keep in mind that ecret is meant for content creators to add music into the content (game/video/podcast), and is not meant to be edited and/or distributed just as music files. You can use the music to create content such as ads, weddings, and monetized content.

Brain. FM

Enjoy a new era in science-backed music that will help you unlock your best self. Brain. FM’s focus music blends into the background to help you focus better. It also stimulates the brain with rhythmic beats that support sustained attention. While other music may seem to grab your attention, it can make it difficult to think and do work, even when you don’t know it. Brain.FM’s function music is designed to optimize your brain and improve your performance. Brain. FM has patents on key methods for creating functional music.

This includes technology to elicit strong neurophase locking, which allows neurons to engage in coordinated activity. Brain. fm draws on neuroscience and psychology to create hypotheses about how to make the best music. This is to help us study, push us in a workout, or get to sleep. These sounds are then created and tested on a large scale to determine what works.


MuseNet is a deep neural network that generates 4-minute musical compositions using 10 instruments. It can also combine styles from country, Mozart, and the Beatles. MuseNet was not programmed with an understanding of music. Instead, it discovered patterns of harmony and rhythm by learning to predict which MIDI file will contain the next token. MuseNet uses the same unsupervised general-purpose technology as GPT-2, which is a large-scale transformer model that predicts the next token in a sequence of audio or text.

MuseNet can mix generations in new ways because it is familiar with many styles. We are excited to see how musicians, as well as non-musicians, will use MuseNet for new compositions. Start generating by choosing a style or composer, and an optional start to a famous piece. This allows you to explore the many musical styles that the model can create.

Beatoven.AI uses AI music generation techniques to create unique mood-based music that suits every part of your podcast or video. You can create royalty-free music that enhances your story. In just a few steps, you can create unique music for your content. Upload a video/podcast, or start with a track. You can choose from 8 genres to fit your theme.

We know that moods change over time. To add different moods, you can make multiple cuts. You can now choose from 16 moods to create the right mood for your cuts. Let our AI create a track for you. Your videos should pack a serious punch. Make your explainer videos engaging and set the tone for your ads. Your channel’s trademark sound. Outro sections are a great way to connect with your audience. You can add impact without the hassle of licensing and editing music. Create an atmosphere to elevate your stories.


Are you sitting in front of your DAW, waiting for inspiration? Simply type in a word to turn it into music. AudioCipher allows you to break through creative blocks and create new melodies or chord progressions. You can choose from a variety of scales, chords, and rhythms to create endless variations.

We fell in love with the idea of text-to-music and decided to create a MIDI plug-in that would allow us to enjoy that experience in our DAW. Due to the popularity of existing text/to-image services, this has led us into the emerging world of AI music software.

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