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Trip notes .ai is an advanced travel planning tool designed to cater to all your trip planning requirements. By simply providing inputs such as your desired travel destination and the purpose of your trip, this intelligent travel planner will generate a comprehensive travel plan for you, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence.

What is Trip Notes?

In the beginning of 2023, Tripnotes garnered significant interest as an innovative AI trip planner utilizing ChatGPT. The product’s demonstration gained immense popularity on LinkedIn and Twitter in January, catching the attention of Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley, who shared it. Since then, Tripnotes has consistently been mentioned by both media outlets and professionals in the industry.

However, in mid-December, the founders made the decision to close down the Tripnotes website. This occurred several months after the company was acquired by Dorsia, a members-only restaurant reservation startup. Additionally, Dorsia also acquired Welcome, a city guide app similar to Tripadvisor, and became the owner of Tripnotes.

Tripnotes is a sophisticated travel organizer. With its vast collection of travel information, it is specifically designed to assist you in meticulously planning your journeys. By simply mentioning the destinations you intend to visit, Tripnotes instantly categorizes, maps, and conducts research, converting your notes, texts, and tabs into intelligent notes that include automatic mapping and valuable recommendations. While the upcoming release of Tripnotes 2.0 is eagerly anticipated, this review will concentrate on the current version, Tripnotes 1.0. use case ideas

  • Create a customized travel schedule.
  • Organize a journey with minimal exertion.
  • Enhance travel arrangements according to individual preferences.

How does Tripnotes work?

Despite the shared objective of effortless itinerary planning, there are various approaches to achieve it. Here is a breakdown of how Tripnotes addresses this task:

  1. Intelligent Planning: By utilizing the finest global travel data, Tripnotes offers personalized suggestions based on specific preferences and trip durations. Simply inputting a destination, date, and a few additional details will result in the instant creation of a comprehensive itinerary.
  2. Customizing Capabilities: While automated itineraries may suit the needs of certain travelers, Tripnotes goes a step further by allowing users to modify these plans through an interactive conversation with the AI. By engaging in a chat, you have the flexibility to add or remove activities, tailoring the itinerary to your unique travel preferences and requirements.
  3. Activity Suggestions: When it comes to leisure and exploration, Tripnotes provides a wide range of suggestions. These include nighttime activities, hiking trails, breweries, and museums, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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